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Dysart Willis

A Full-Service Raleigh Criminal Defense Firm

Representing Raleigh And Surrounding Communities With Criminal Defense Matters

Dysart Willis is a full-service criminal defense firm that handles cases ranging from state traffic violations to complex federal criminal investigations and everything in between.

A Straightforward, No-Nonsense Approach

We take a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to our cases. In many instances, our clients face tremendous obstacles. With our combined experience and knowledge of the law, we work hard to develop effective defense strategies for our clients regardless of the hurdles our clients are facing.

Extensive Litigation Expertise In Both State And Federal Courts

Our attorneys are skillful negotiators and litigators, from having defended against traffic charges in state court to litigating capital murder cases in front of a jury to child pornography representation in federal court. We've done it all.

Federal Charges

The stakes are extremely high in federal criminal cases. If you have been charged with a federal crime — fraud, child pornography charges, drug crimes, a firearm offense or another crime — you should immediately seek help from a federal criminal defense lawyer.

Drug Charges

We defend people charged with a range of drug offenses, from simple possession to conspiracy, distribution and trafficking.

Sex Crimes/Child

Sex crimes – especially in cases that allegedly involve child victims or child pornography – are emotionally charged, and the potential penalties are often extreme. We will seek the truth and protect your rights when the cards may seem stacked against you.


A drunk driving conviction can have a serious, lasting impact on your life. If you have been charged, we will aggressively protect your rights, freedom and driving privileges.

Traffic Violations

We defend people charged with state and federal traffic violations, including speeding, entering restricted federal areas, driving while license revoked and other offenses.

Other Areas
of Practice

Dysart Willis represent clients charged with all crimes, assists with civil rights claims, and maintains a robust civil law and Administrative law practice.

A Prosecutor's Point Of View

One of our founding attorneys, Ryan Willis, brings valuable experience to our criminal defense practice. He knows both sides of the law. Working as a former prosecutor with the assistant district attorney's office in Wake County, he knows what strategies are often used and what's needed to win.

Other Practice Areas

Our attorneys also handle other areas of law that can and do overlap with criminal matters. We handle business transactions and litigation for businesses small and large.

If you need assistance, reach out to our legal team at 919-741-4825. Free consultations. Located four blocks from the state capital in downtown Raleigh. On-site parking available.