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Child Pornography Defense Archives

Teen faces child porn charges in alleged "catfishing" scheme

Teens in Raleigh today have the world at their fingertips through their phones, tablets and computers. They can digitally explore places, ideas, cultures and more far from North Carolina. Unfortunately, that freedom can sometimes lead to serious legal trouble, as one teen far from us found out.

Federal prosecutors drop child porn charges

As regular readers of our Raleigh criminal defense blog know, we have written before in this space about the Playpen, a child porn site on the Tor network, and related arrests and legal issues. The site was apparently hosted about three hours east of Raleigh in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Education: The first step in countering child pornography

"There ought to be a law!" How many of us in North Carolina have ever heard that line? How many of us have uttered it? In many instances, there probably is a law that addresses whatever concern is behind the cry. Few may know about it. Or, they may have a difference in understanding about what actions might result in someone being charged with a crime for doing something they really didn't know was illegal.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but what about confusion?

Latin is a dead language, except in the legal profession and some churches. Just because it's dead doesn't mean that some key phrases first cast in Latin have gone to the grave. "Ignorantia juris non excusat" is an example.

Where's the legal line on child pornography and selfies?

Anthony Weiner is in the news again for sexting. This time, as copious news outlets have reported in recent days, the former congressman's penchant for sending questionable pictures of himself led him to include his own child in at least one shot. It also led to his spouse to declare their separation. According to one news report, the events could also spark an investigation by child services officials.