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When a person is accused of illegal driving conduct on federal lands

Many things can have impacts on the legal situation of a person accused of committing a traffic offense here in North Carolina. One is what specific offense they are accused of. Another is where they are alleged to have committed it.

One place that can carry a lot of special implications when it comes to allegations of traffic offenses are federal lands. Examples of such lands include national parks, national wildlife refuges and National Park Service land. When a person is accused of illegal driving conduct on such lands, they can be facing federal traffic offense proceedings rather than the state proceedings that typically go with alleged traffic violations.

Federal traffic offenses differ from their state counterparts in many ways. For one, the procedural aspects of cases involving allegations of such offenses can be quite different. Also, such offenses can have different sentencing guidelines.

These differences, along with the many imposing connotations facing allegations of any sort of offense at the federal level can have, can make being accused of a federal traffic offense a very intimidating and frightening experience for a person. In this potentially daunting situation, it can be very important for a person to remember that, just as is the case with state traffic cases, they can turn to a skilled attorney for guidance and advice in their federal traffic case.

Federal traffic offense cases are among the cases our firm provides defense representation in. We understand the unique aspects of these traffic cases and are committed to helping our clients understand their options and rights in such cases.