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March 2016 Archives

North Carolina police officer accused of rape

One of the remarkable things about the justice system is that anyone can make allegations against another. Regardless of the allegations made, however, the accused is considered innocent until proved otherwise. As in all cases, the North Carolina prosecutors will have to prove a police officer is guilty of rape after he was charged following allegations made by his adopted daughter.

Arrest made in North Carolina triple homicide

Marriage is not easy. Many couples who love each other very much often struggle to have a successful marriage. In some cases, a relationship can suffer from the extra stress of mental illness. Unfortunately, a North Carolina woman, whose family members claim could be mentally ill, has recently been arrested in a triple homicide. One of the victims is said to be her husband.

Officials charge 4 men with drug offenses in North Carolina

There can be negative consequences to drug use. As a result, many officers of the law are dedicated to arresting people believed to be involved with manufacturing and/or selling drugs. Unfortunately, this dedication could lead to snap judgments and potentially result in arrests related to alleged to drug offenses that are not supported by evidence. In fact, some people may be wondering what led to the arrests of four men in North Carolina on federal drug charges.