Criminal Law Services We Offer

Dysart Law offers dynamic legal representation in criminal law matters throughout North Carolina. Dysart Law is a full-service criminal defense firm that handles cases ranging from traffic violations to complex federal criminal investigations, and everything in between. We proudly accept cases from clients charged with traffic, misdemeanor and waterfowl offenses along the Outer Banks in Federal Court. We take a straightforward, no-nonsense approach in working with our clients. No matter what obstacles you are facing, we will work hard to develop an effective defense strategy that fits your particular needs.

Led by attorney Christian Dysart, we handle both state and federal criminal law matters. Mr. Dysart offers his clients a wealth of experience and knowledge in criminal defense, including extensive courtroom experience. He works well under pressure and is quick to recognize the defense's strengths and difficulties of a particular case, as well as the state or government's strengths and weaknesses in prosecuting a particular case.

Understanding Criminal Procedure And How To Navigate Sentencing Hurdles

There are countless benefits to working with a criminal defense attorney who has experience in both State and Federal Court, and is fully prepared to represent your interests — no matter where your case is prosecuted.

Understanding how the two systems differ, knowing the intricacies of each forum and having a solid understanding of the potential impact of the various sentencing structures are crucial. Hiring Dysart Law from the outset to handle your case will ease your mind. At our firm, you know that your interests are protected even if your case is adopted for federal prosecution.

Dysart Law knows the challenges of working in both State and Federal Court, how to navigate negotiations with agencies and prosecutors in both forums and, more importantly what needs to be done to overcome these challenges.

Guidance And Advocacy When It Matters Most

Dysart Law puts all the cards on the table. From the beginning, you will understand your legal options and what's at stake. Our job is not to judge our clients, but to use our knowledge and skills as state and federal criminal defense attorneys to help you through a challenging time in your life. We show each of our clients the respect deserved. Our job is to help manage the risks at hand and mitigate the long-term consequences.